Comunication / Digital Marketing

Digital PM

The language of digital communication and promotion and its market requires constant innovation. The innovation of a product/process, however, has to deal with the feasibility, budget and time that a given business action has. The activity of Digital Project Management allows to manage all phases of the life cycle of a digital artifact process ensuring its success. Among the activities that characterize the service offered: streaming event production, brand identity design, game marketing, SEO, etc. etc.

Digital Trasformation / ICT Solution Developments

IT Consultant

Ideation, design, implementation, verification, validation and management of cutting-edge ICT systems. Analysis and redesign of organizational structures. Professional training. Project Management activities.

Digital Benchmarking / User Experience Research

UX Research

Benchmarking the user experience of existing products from quantitative and qualitative analysis of the results of UX evaluation process. This includes benchmarks of a product against competitors, industry best cases and design guidelines to improve aspects of visual identity, product offer and functionality. UX (user experience) research is the systematic study of target users and their requirements, to add realistic contexts and insights to design processes. It identifies and details the requirements of the target and context with the aim of ensuring the formal, precise and unambiguous representation of the information through the software to be implemented.

Rapid prototyping / Visual Design / Service Design

UC Design

Design of low-fidelity and high-fidelity interactive online prototypes, fully navigable, presenting the hierarchy of information and the functionality of the product or service to be developed. All focusing on the needs and capabilities of the user, in perfect synergy with the philosophy of User Centred Design. Design guidelines, binding for internal and external operators of a company, called to apply the online brand image of the same. You will obtain consistent brand communications, avoiding errors due to improper use of the brand.