Design your creativity


Where do new ideas come from? The answer is simple: differences.

Bit.Arts is an innovative start-up, born in the ecosystem of the University of Salento, which deals with digital communication, production, user-centred design and commercializing innovative products and services with high technological value and more specifically with systems, software platforms and methodologies supporting digital transformation in relation to production processes and management of companies, both public and private, which operate with high creative and cultural content in sectors such as performing arts, cultural heritage, jewelry, crafts, fashion and others.
The newly established company already boasts several research projects, company orders and collaboration projects. Among these are the realization of digital platforms (Cinema DB D'Essai, Locomotive Live Stream, etc.), communication actions of scientific results related to research projects with actions of dissemination through streaming and social media marketing.
The soul of Bit.Arts is therefore multipolar, encompasses that of an innovative web agency, that of a software house based on research and development and that of those who have always been involved in the production, design and communication of events, initiatives and creative and cultural activities. Our startup given is very young, but on the other hand, it can count on the many years (in some cases even twenty years) experience of individual team members from the world of industrial research (researchers from the University of Salento), live entertainment, journalism and communication (CoolClub), in an original, positively unlikely and synergistic mix.